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A larger bivvy that has been manufactured from an extremely resistant material (M-Tec 410) with a waterproof resistance of 10.000 mm. It is an enlarged and innovated version of the award winning New Dynasty bivvy (e.g. Bivvy of the year) that became the best selling bivvy in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. This bivvy is supplied with a significantly enlarged internal space but maintains an identical footprint. Inclusion of additional loops for storm poles ensures for an ideal tightness of all sides of the bivvy. The durability and quality of the material can be recognized at a first glance and it can be easily distinguished from other standard bivvies within the marketplace. This bivvy is supplied with 19 mm reinforced ribs based on a classic pram hood construction. The extended hood protects the entrance area from rainfall and provides a spacious porch area. Internally within the bivvy are thirteen loops for hanging various accessories (three on the rear rib). The width of the bivvy can be set up in three positions (increments of 15 cm). The maximum height of the bivvy is 170 cm. The front and the rear windows have been greatly enlarged. All Velcro straps on the windows are double sized to hold the windows closed even during the worst of weather conditions. A ventilation flap on the door decreases humidity inside of the bivvy. Large Easy Grip zips on the front door can be illuminated by chemical lights. There are four Velcro fasteners for attaching your rods to the bivvy.


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