Dárkový poukaz 2018

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    Dárkový poukaz 2018Dárkový poukaz 2018Dárkový poukaz - KatlovDarkovypoukaz_Katlov_Pohan_205x143_5Darkovypoukaz_Katlov_Pohan_205x143_6Darkovypoukaz_Katlov_Pohan_205x143_7Darkovypoukaz_Katlov_Pohan_205x143_AJ_5Darkovypoukaz_Katlov_Pohan_205x143_AJ_6Darkovypoukaz_Katlov_Pohan_205x143_AJ_7Darkovypoukaz_Katlov_Pohan_205x143_DE_5Darkovypoukaz_Katlov_Pohan_205x143_DE_6Darkovypoukaz_Katlov_Pohan_205x143_DE_7Darkovypoukaz_Katlov_Pohan_205x143_PL_5Darkovypoukaz_Katlov_Pohan_205x143_PL_6Darkovypoukaz_Katlov_Pohan_205x143_PL_7

Gift card


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Would you like to get a great present that will make your Dad, your friend or your little anglers happy? We now offer gift certificates that will definitely make them jump for joy. You can choose from three possible versions – we have gift certificates for children, as well as for adult carp fishing or catfish fishing aficionados.

And how should you go about ordering the voucher? Just select your preferred value, and make an order. You will then receive an invoice to pay. As soon as you have paid it, you will receive an email confirmation of payment. Then simply log on to our website, choose a graphic design for your gift voucher, download it, print it and your present is ready.

Should you have any questions, you can email us on: info@katlov.com.


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