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Katov lake is located approximately 14 km from Kutná Hora, next to a small village about 1 km from Červené Janovice  in the direction to Štipoklasy.

The origin of this lake dates back to middle ages. According to legends, the name Katlov is derivation of emperor´s executioner, who had a right for fishing in the lake.

From evidences and archives it is known that during the years Katov was not only a lake, but it used to be as a fertile field. For the last time it happened in 1901. There used to be two lakes – Velký Katlov and Malý Katlov (Big and Small Katov). Fishing administration connected both lakes together and this is the reason why not only a large island was created, but the largest lake in Kutná Hora region as well.

Katlov lake lies 446 meters above the sea level. The area of the lake is 25 hectares.  It is situated in a beautiful nature of deep forests of Kutná Hora. In spring 2013 there were number of terrain works focused on improvement and support of sport fishing. Two islands were built here and big and grown trees were planted here as well. More than thirty underwater benches were built here. They are a kind of shields for fish and their natural spawning. In the area of 25 hectares there were built 17 fishing places. It secures successful and peaceful fishing for all fishermen. Fishing places are made by natural peninsulas. These peninsulas were artificially covered by stones. Katlov Lake is a very indented lake.  You can find here large shallow waters, fields of water plants, indented terrain as well as 5 meters deep water next to the embankment. There is a wooden wharf built for fishermen´s boats.

Fish for this fish district has been prepared from 2008 and we can look forward to beautiful and healthy fish originating from breeding lakes. The highlight of Katlov lake are carps up to 28 kilograms and tenches up to 5 kilograms! This fish is absolutely “virgin fish”. Before they were moved to the lake they did not see any fishing hook. We are really proud, that each fish in the lake is unique. You can find here various forms of carp, so you do not need to be afraid, that each of your carps has 95 centimeters and 12 kilograms. You can find here beautiful carps and other kinds of fish. On the other side it is necessary to draw your attention that this lake is not for beginners. There are about 1000 carp in the area of 25 hectares and it is not easy fishing here. Our priorities are not only satisfied fishermen but satisfied fish as well. Lower number of fish is the main condition for healty fish in the lake and for their weight as well.

Katlov lake is only for fishermen whose motto is “catch and release.” All the fish you catch you have to release back into water.

Katlov area is in beautiful nature and you can spend wonderful family holiday here. The lake is in pure nature and it is in the middle of forests full of mushrooms. It is definitely worth to visit the historical monuments in nearby Kutná Hora.

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Your Jakub Vágner

General partner of the lake Katlov

Map of lake Katlov